Bookings for season 2024 is open!


Lofsdalen Bear’s Den is available for booking summer 2024 between 17 June and 28 July. The booking for summer 2024 opens 1 October 2023.

We meet up outside Karin's Sportbod at 16:30 (04.30 pm) for payment and information. You travel with your own car and a guide to the Bear's Den and you spend the night by yourself. The next morning you go home by yourself. Sleeping bags and dry toilet is available but not running water nor electricity.

Book no later than 3 days before the visit to Bear's Den. You pay for your stay at Karins Sportbod in Lofsdalen village. Book by phone or email. You can cancel or reschedule up to 30 days before your stay in the den.

Bookings for summer 2024 is open.


The Bear's Den has two rooms. A living room with six bunk beds, kitchen, privy, table with two benches and a stove. And a viewing room with wall spaces on one long wall with windows for viewing and eight plus one camera holes for photography.

Price 17 June – 28 July is 7250 SEK per night (the whole den).

Make use of the six bunks and rooms at your own discretion. No age restrictions.

Booking status

Booking status of Lofsdalen Bear's Den. First bookable day is 2024-06-17 and last day is 2024-07-28. Marked days are booked.